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Market: Denver
Location: Denver, CO


Building Quick Facts
1.1 million square feet
415,000 square feet of retail space
Indoor play area
550-seat restaurant

Project Highlights
Geothermal bore field
Heat pump units
Rooftop make up air units with heat recovery wheels

The Challenge
This enormous store—the largest IKEA in the region—wanted to ensure a comfortable environment for customers while keeping energy costs low and adhering to its sustainability goals. The building’s retail space includes 50 model rooms, a supervised playground for children, and a 550-seat restaurant. The store layout and walking path is unlike many traditional stores where customers can walk directly to the section they need. Instead, the design provides a “long natural path” that winds through the entire store so that shoppers can experience every aspect.


The DMI Solution

Our team installed a geothermal bore field and heat pump units to allow the use of the ground below the massive building as a heat source. The system also utilizes rooftop make up air units with heat recovery wheels to allow exhaust air to preheat the cold air from outside before it enters the building. The building’s cooling system incorporates an ice storage system with tanks that allow the central plant to build ice at night when the utility rates are lower and then melt the ice during the day to provide chilled water to cool the space.

Due to the outstanding efforts of our field teams, the project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule. Our construction team included Mark Lanman and Neal Smith, and project management efforts were led by Mike Hroncheck. Our Service Team provided on-site assistance for opening day to ensure that the thousands of visitors had a comfortable experience.

A Closer Look

About the Client
IKEA is a multinational company selling ready-to-assemble furniture and other goods. It currently operates 373 stores in 47 countries. IKEA is known for its focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

How Can DMI Help You?
Since its inception in 1984, Design Mechanical Inc. has established a reputation as an installer of some of the largest geothermal projects in Colorado. In addition to the IKEA Furniture Store, we have installed geothermal systems for Green Valley Ranch School, Snowmass Village Rec Center, and UCAR FL-4. If you are completing a large-scale building project, we are your go-to mechanical systems provider.