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Automation Systems

Automation Systems

Retrofit or Replacement of Building Automation Systems

Simplify facility management and reduce your energy costs

As experts in creating building automation systems that provide automatic, centralized control of multiple building systems, we can work with you to install building automation systems in operating and occupied buildings. We can do partial retrofits, complete retrofits, work with existing systems, and overlay supervisory controls on almost any system to gain improved logic and operating sequences to improve operating efficiency.

A trusted building automation and energy solutions provider

Design Mechanical uses Lynxspring JENEsys, Transformative Wave and Trane control systems to offer complete building automation solutions. With Lynxspring JENEsys controls, it is possible to integrate and implement tested and proven energy efficiency programming sequences in your building with speed and confidence. Lynxspring JENEsys allows us to integrate with most existing control systems, even when working with obsolete legacy control protocols. This allows retrofit projects to be done all at once or in phases to accommodate your budget. Our retrofit projects won’t interfere with your comfort or production.

Design Mechanical always emphasizes cybersecurity for customers’ buildings—we offer parallel networking to secure and separate the building automation systems from all your other critical networks.

If you rely on energy hungry rooftop units (RTUs) and want to increase energy efficiency without replacing every unit, we also rep the Transformative Wave Catalyst product as a small building energy retrofit solution. The Catalyst RTU retrofit solution can reduce constant volume RTU HVAC energy usage by 25-50% without reducing your comfort.

Retrofit and replacement control solutions for commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities also include:

  • Building automation system needs assessments
  • Control system design and optimization
  • Systems integration (including variable frequency drives (VFDs), chillers, boilers, power monitoring equipment, and most third-party control systems).
  • Internet and wide area network (WAN)-based solutions
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Operator training
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Our team can help you evaluate the economic feasibility of control system installation and renovation or determine the likely impact of advanced control strategies for your facility.