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Energy Services

Energy Services

Go green with Design Mechanical energy solutions

The EPA estimates that reducing your commercial energy costs by 30% is equivalent to increasing your net operating income by 4%. In other words, improving energy efficiency also improves your bottom line. Increasing numbers of federal and state agencies are also providing incentives to help your business increase energy efficiency, which makes our services even more valuable and timely. Design Mechanical makes your building more energy efficient by making air distribution, heating, cooling, lighting, and control systems work together.

We work with both new construction projects and older buildings or renovation projects. For new construction, commissioning ensures that all building systems are installed correctly and  work together to optimize your overall efficiency. For older buildings or renovation work, “retro-commissioning” evaluates your building’s usage, energy systems and control system and then adjusts and fine tunes these existing systems.

We partner with our existing and potential customers to improve the energy utilization of their properties. This is achieved with baseline energy benchmarking, Energy Star benchmarking, retro-commissioning, and the implementation of advanced energy control sequences. Our engineered solutions deliver more efficient building systems.

Baseline Energy Benchmarking

Our first step is to evaluate trends in energy use and establish a historical perspective that allows us to identify performance metrics and establish baselines. We identify your objectives and criteria related to energy consumption for a retrofit or new construction project. We review your best alternatives, the lifecycle costs and the economics of your investment. We then provide Energy Smart Decision Tools® to help you make the best possible choice for your company.

Energy Star Benchmarking 

We also provide Energy Star benchmarking to evaluate energy performance and reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions. Buildings that perform in the top 25% for energy efficiency compared to their peers nationwide can receive the Energy Star label.


As part of our energy efficiency retrofit, retro-commissioning identifies problems in current systems and makes the necessary changes to correct them. Changes might include equipment modernization, tenant improvements, engineering support and sheet metal piping.

Advanced Energy Control Solutions

Our advanced energy control solutions allow you to view and manage building operations using your computer, tablet, or phone and to integrate information from building controls. We use our understanding of the technology and the economics of building systems to deliver meaningful engineered solutions. Effective performance of your building systems will drive down total energy costs, and the energy cost savings often offsets the cost of installing improved systems and maintaining them for efficiency.

If you aren’t ready to make a major capital investment in new energy-saving equipment, we offer other services that can help you reduce energy consumption. These include:

  • Metering
  • Monitoring utilities
  • Focusing on preventive maintenance and facility maintenance solutions

By taking positive steps, you can start saving today by:

  • Reducing operation, maintenance and energy costs
  • Improving occupant productivity, comfort and satisfaction
  • Increasing the value of your asset or property
  • Capitalizing on potential government and utility tax deductions, rebates and incentives

The benefits are huge for today and tomorrow. Making these changes will help you build a brighter future by positioning your company as a leader in environmental stewardship, conserving natural resources while improving air and water quality and reducing your facility’s carbon footprint. You can also potentially earn Energy Star® and LEED recognition.