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Facilities Retrofits & Renovations

Facilities Retrofits & Renovations

We make your space work for you

When you have critical mechanical systems upgrades, major repairs and replacements, or other mechanical construction needs in your facility, our Special Projects team knows how to work in and around your operating facility with minimal disruption to you and your business.

  • Mechanical/HVAC system energy analysis: We conduct an energy analysis to guide you to more energy efficient choices.
  • Equipment replacement: Once we have conducted our custom energy audit, we install new energy efficient equipment to fit each building’s needs.
  • Time-sensitive improvements: We know that building owners and operators need their building back in working order ASAP, so all of our improvements are made with that in mind.

Select retrofit and renovation projects:

Pepsi Bottling Company

Location: Denver, CO

Description: We have a close relationship with Emerald Construction, which has a standing work order at Pepsi Bottling Company for maintenance and renovations and has contracted with us for many jobs of varying size and complexity. We will continue our work with three separate renovations set for 2016.

Individual project costs range from $1,600 to $55,000

Whole Foods Markets

Location: Multiple locations across the Front Range

Description: In partnership with Saunders Construction, we have worked in multiple Whole Foods Markets across Colorado, as well as in their corporate office in Boulder. The largest renovation we completed took place at a Boulder store. We completely overhauled their HVAC and plumbing systems, all while keeping the store fully operational.

Individual project costs range from $1,700 to $500,000

Marriott Denver

Location: 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO

Description: Replaced heat pumps in each guest room as well as the heat pumps in several office spaces, all while working with the hotel’s booking schedule to keep as many rooms available to guests as possible.

Project cost: $700,000

Completion Date: December 2014

Advanced Thin Films

Location: Boulder, CO

Description: In this Design-Build project with Wyatt Construction, we were working a clean space for a company that produces optics and mirrors for lasers. Much of our work revolved around their production schedule and when it would allow for system shutdowns for tie-ins and integrations.

Project cost: $260,000

Completion Date: June 2015