Building Information Modeling

A virtual view of project progress, from start to finish.

As anyone who works in construction can tell you, any project worth its salt involves twists and turns. Contract drawings can be imperfect, incoming parts may not fit an evolving design, and unforeseen structures can put a bind on progress. While these hurdles can slow down traditional mechanical installers, we overcome them in real time using BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Think of BIM as the all-seeing eye for your next project: With BIM, we create functional representations of construction projects and improve coordination among architects, structural engineers, MEP professionals, and others involved in the construction process.

Let’s say a project hits a speed bump ­­­­­­­­­­–– the model’s dimensions don’t quite line up, a set of parts will no longer fit, or an unforeseen structure bisects a line –– that’s no problem. BIM provides constant contact between our in-house experts and field technicians. We can receive and act on real-time procurement needs as projects evolve, ordering new parts and implements to maintain project progress.

We recently added a new member to our team, the 3D Laser Scanner. Ideal for retrofit projects, the scanner can map out a building from the inside out, providing dimensional data for a working model. It allows us to see existing structures and unforeseen obstacles that others can’t.

Construction can be full of surprises. Thankfully, our clients can rest assured that when the unexpected happens, we’re already working on a solution with BIM.


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