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Commercial Boiler Services

Installing A New Commercial Boiler

Whether you’re in the process of establishing a new commercial facility, undergoing renovations, or facing issues with your existing boiler’s efficiency, Design Mechanical is here to assist. Signs such as an aging or inefficient boiler, escalating energy costs, or inconsistent temperature distribution within the building indicate the potential need for a new boiler.

Our expertise extends to guiding you in selecting the right boiler by considering factors such as the size of your facility, available fuel sources, heating and hot water requirements, and energy consumption. At Design Mechanical, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch boiler services tailored to meet all your commercial heating demands.

Beyond installation, we offer comprehensive support to ensure your new boiler maintains peak performance and longevity. Serving all of Northern Colorado, our commercial boiler maintenance and repair services, including annual inspections, enable us to identify and address potential issues promptly, preventing costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns in the future.

Boiler Repair and Service

Is your boiler experiencing issues? A properly functioning boiler is crucial for businesses across various industries. Our team can dispatch a skilled plumber to conduct a thorough inspection, pinpointing the root cause of the problem. Punctual and efficient, we promptly delve into the assessment, providing you with a clear understanding of the issue and presenting viable options for boiler repairs. If you observe any irregularities in your unit’s performance or suspect a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out for repair services – waiting could exacerbate the issue.

A commercial boiler needs attention when:

  • It takes too long for your building to get warm
  • The building stays cold even when the heat is turned up
  • The boiler is leaking
  • The flame is yellow, rather than blue
  • Your heating costs have been rising

Boiler pressure issues are frequently encountered, and when identified, our approach is to shut down the unit and let it cool. After reaching an appropriate temperature, our skilled professionals proceed to disassemble the essential components, swap out worn washers, install fresh packing, and assemble the new valve. Irrespective of the specific problem, our team operates with efficiency to swiftly restore your boiler to operational status, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

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