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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In addition to standard detailing and coordination, our expert team at Temp Right Service provides a specialized service called Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a process of planning and coordination that incorporates cutting-edge technology to share and combine 3-D renderings with the other stakeholders involved in the project. An entire project is built in 3-dimensions, including steel beams and columns. This software allows us to virtually walk through with clients in any direction and detect coordination conflicts before the construction process.

We employ state-of-the-art technology and software including:
  • Autocad for basic 3D modeling
  • CADDuct / CADMech add-on for HVAC, piping, and plumbing systems
  • Autodesk Navisworks Version for interoperability
  • Revit MEP as an enhanced alternative to Navisworks
  • Autocad MEP, Architectural Desktop and Google Sketch-Up

Reduce Costly Rework, and Maximize Efficiency

Design Mechanical stands at the forefront of innovation with our implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. By integrating BIM into our workflow, we revolutionize the way mechanical systems are conceived and executed. Through this advanced approach, we generate intricate digital representations of your project, providing a comprehensive overview that encompasses every detail, from structural elements to intricate HVAC systems. This level of precision ensures that potential conflicts are identified and resolved early on, resulting in a smoother construction process and ultimately a higher-quality end product.

With BIM, Design Mechanical facilitates seamless collaboration among all project stakeholders. Architects, engineers, contractors, and clients can visualize and understand the project in its entirety, allowing for informed decision-making at every stage. This level of transparency minimizes the likelihood of errors, reduces costly rework, and maximizes efficiency. By choosing Design Mechanical, you’re selecting a team that leverages the power of BIM to deliver not only mechanical excellence but also a smoother, more efficient construction process overall. Experience the difference that BIM can make in your project’s success.

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