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Industrial and Commercial

Water & Air Cooled Chillers

Commercial chillers play a vital role in the functionality of your commercial building. Whether your setup involves a water-cooled system integrated with a cooling tower or an air-cooled chiller for refrigeration purposes, we’ve got you covered. Should your chiller face performance issues or require maintenance on any component, trust the refrigeration experts at Design Mechanical to ensure the continued efficiency of your air or water-cooled chiller. With decades of expertise serving Denver, Veil, and Northern Colorado areas, we stand ready to address all your repair needs for air or water-cooled chillers.

Types of Chillers

There are several subcategories of industrial and commercial chillers that serve different purposes for businesses. They include:

  • Reciprocating Compressors – These use pistons that pump a very small amount of refrigerant and extremely high pressures. They are one of the more easy to service chillers.
  • Screw Compressors – Two screws that are housed in a stationary unit fit together. As the unit rotates, gas is compressed by the volume reduction between the rotors. These compressors are hermetically sealed and therefore can be serviced.
  • Centrifugal Compressors – As a favorite in the industry, a centrifugal compressor has a few moving parts making them also very efficient. Centrifugal units are ideally suited for high-volume, low-pressure requirements such as fans or AC units.

Industrial and Commercial Chiller Maintenance

The operational backbone of many businesses relies heavily on both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, essential for manufacturing processes and temperature regulation. A significant portion of the power consumption in commercial and industrial establishments is allocated to chiller operations. Maintaining peak efficiency is crucial for chillers, as any dip in performance could lead to detrimental consequences for the business.

Ensuring the optimal functionality of your chiller is paramount for seamless business operations. Design Mechanical offers a comprehensive chiller maintenance plan designed to keep your chiller operating at peak performance consistently. With our tailored maintenance approach, you can trust that your chiller will remain reliable, preventing any disruptions to the smooth operation of your commercial or industrial facility.

Call the experts at Design Mechanical for all your industrial water, industrial chiller service, and air or water-cooled chiller repair needs.

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